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About Us






Growing up, my sister, brother and I would often play house. We’d say goodbye using the word "MawAhh" with the wave of a hand after touching our fingers to our lips. We're a close knit family and as with many families, food and the kitchen are a focus of our "togetherness". 



In 2000, I joined the Navy and eventually moved to Hawaii. The tropical environment had a great impact on my lifestyle as I became more physically active and started to clean up my diet. One day I woke up with swollen lips that had tiny bumps along the perimeter. I singled my reactions down to my lip balm. I am a lip balm lover and I'd been using the same band for over 15 years! How could this be?!?!

Deciding that it was time to take my skincare into my own hands, literally, I started crafting lip balm. My husband later encouraged me to start a business in 2012 after positive feedback from family members and Sailors whom I worked with.     

With an assortment of balms, soaps, lotions, and scrubs, feel warm days, hectic mornings, and delicious meals; family bonds from many of our lives. MawAhh products are naturally handcrafted and kissed by a touch of cuisine to meet the skin care needs for whole house skincare. 





It's seldom that you have the opportunity to choose the members of your family, but you can choose the right products for your skin. Thank you for allowing MawAhh into your home and welcome to the family!